Designer Policy

Miss Jewell has the right to modify these policies at any time and under any circumstances. By submitting an application as a designer, you are agreeing that you have read and understand all the policies bellow and will respect ALL of them.

IMPORTANT:  there will be no SLURL in hunt objects. Hunters must visit the Stop #01 for a complete slurl list.
YOUR STORE: No Clubs or Malls. You must have direct Landmark to your store.
HUNT GIFT: The hunt gift must be themed with the hunt. Only high quality designers who make original content will be accepted in this Hunt. No freebies or dollarbie. Your gift must respect SL TOS :  no copyrighted images or copybotted items will be accepted. Gender of gift: no restrictions (only male or only female or both, you decide).
MISS JEWELL EVENTS GROUP: You must join to the MISS JEWELL EVENTS Group and remain for all the duration of the hunt.  All needed information, hunt objects and vendor packs will be send out in this group ONLY ! No Exceptions !

To join our group please copy in public chat:  secondlife:///app/group/cf279704-0f54-a24a-e3f9-e92209e28ad9/about


THE HUNT POSTER: The hunt sign has to be rezzed clearly visible at your landing point within 24 hours after receiving the “Welcome Package”

HINTS & PICTURE: You must provide an HUNT HINT. Gift picture is required. Who send me the hint first, get a better position in the hunt.
STORE MOVING: If you move you must notify me ASAP.

HUNT OBJECTS: Do not rename them before the start (just add name of your store and number in the hunt). You can resize them but do not modify colours, settings and price. After the start, you are allowed to change hunt object’s name. Please add your gift and DO NOT delete my landmark & notecard inside of objects, they contains important informations for hunters. If you do that, you will be removed. Please, do not hide your hunt objects  inside objects/prims/ behind wall or vendor during the hunt.


Applying my hunts you agree I will indicate owner’s name. Any problem hunters will ask you and notify me.


ATTENTION: Everyone who doesn’t following our timeline, our rules or our guideline will be removed from this hunt and banned for the next hunts. No exceptions!

IMPORTANT! Do not send me IMs. Please send notecard in the Mail box here:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maekju/247/174/21

mail box piccola



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